Cadaretta is owned and operated by the Middleton family and our Anderson & Middleton Company.

Albert Middleton and his father-in-law, Henry Neff Anderson, traveled from Michigan to Grays Harbor, Washington, in 1898, and purchased a lumber mill. This was the beginning of the Anderson & Middleton Company.

We began with timber, and over time expanded our business to include table grapes, wine grapes, and wine. Because we’ve had five generations in the family business, we’re interested in building things of quality that will last, growing from our family's heritage.

Cadaretta is named for a lumber schooner we operated on the Pacific coast in the first part of the 20th Century. Southwind, our estate vineyard, is named for the same lumber schooner: rechristened from "Cadaretta" to "Southwind" when it served in World War II.