2014 Cadaretta Syrah

Syrah, the great grape of the Northern Rhone River Valley, has found a second home in the Columbia Valley. A deep, rich, profound red wine.

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2015 Cadaretta SBS

Our 2015 vintage … fresh, vivid, and crisp Columbia Valley white blend. Quite dry, bottled without oak contact. 89% Sauvignon Blanc and 11% Semillon.

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2012 Cadaretta Cabernet Sauvignon

Elegant, well-structured, rich Columbia Valley Cabernet … Cadaretta’s flagship red.

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Cadaretta normally has two release periods each year, Spring and Fall. 

Fall 2016

Syrah 2014
Windthrow 2014

Spring 2017

Springboard 2014
Southwind Red Blend 2014
Southwind Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Southwind Estate wines are added to our release schedule when those wines are deemed ready by winemaker Kendall Mix.

Current releases:

Springboard 2013
Windthrow 2013